Ceepass - Online Loans in Nigeria for Farmers and Agribusiness Investors.

Nobody wants to be stranded in life when the need for emergency funds come knocking.

So Ceepass gives you the power to access instant loans to meet your pressing needs.


Access our Life Saving Online Loans.

1. Sign up to access instant loans and farmers loans.

2. It is a life saver if you urgently need the money to meet emergency needs that bring shame.

3. You are eligible as a registered user of Ceepass. No collateral. No too much documentations.

4. You can apply as an Individual or as a Farmers Cooperative.

5. It is faster, easier and hassle free thank the loans traditional banks give.

6. Our online loans help smallholder farmers to access farm inputs early for bumper harvest.

Instant Loan

Access quick loan if you have investment with us but it is not yet matured and you have a pressing need.

Farmers Loan

Access Farmers Loan as a group or cooperative. You can choose cash or farm inputs.

School Fees Loans

Parenting is not an easy job. Your childrens school fees are due and you have not been paid salary yet. Simply request for loan to offset the fees and pay back when you have money.

Healthcare Loans

You are sick and there is no money to go to the hospital. We are here to help you sort that out by providing emergency funds to cover your medical bills.